3 Simple Rules of Keeping Balsamic Vinegar at its Best After Opening

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena as any other alimentary product should be stored in some specific conditions once it’s opened. So what are these conditions? And what can happen if you don’t follow the rules? 

In one of the previous articles we already found out that Balsamic Vinegar doesn’t go bad, though to keep balsamic characteristics at its best, we suggest following 3 simple rules:

1. Keep a bottle closed, especially if you don’t use the balsamic very often. Balsamic vinegar in a blown glass bottle can look really cute and it’s a great way to serve it at table though if it doesn’t have a good closure it is not good for storing it all the time.

2. Balsamic doesn’t like extreme temperatures: don’t keep it in the fridge, under direct sun light or near any source of heat. It is harmful for Balsamic – you can get the effect of crystallization.  The crystallization is an undesired effect which can be related to cold temperatures or in summer owing to the increase in temperature and evaporation. After Balsamic is crystallized it is quite hard to get it back usable.

3. Following up the previous point, store Balsamic vinegar in a dark, dry place with the room temperature. This is the best way to keep it so all its amazing characteristics and complex wood flavors are preserved for a long time!