La Vecchia Dispensa is in The Sunday Times (Ireland)!

 After a cooking event in Ireland that was created in collaboration with our dear client Anna Mazzarotto,  the local newspaper “The Sunday Times” published the entire article about Italian Exellences imported to Ireland among those –  La Vecchia Dispensa’s Balsamic Vinegars!

la vecchia dispensa in the sunday times

“Simone Tintori is “master of the vinegar” at La Vecchia Dispensa, a forth generation balsamic vinegar maker. He works with his mother, Roberta, in Castelvetro outside Modena, producing high-quality balsamic from trebbiano and lambrusco grapes.

“The grape juices cooked and reduced to make it sweeter. Wine vinegar is different in that it comes from the alcohol in the wine, whereas balsamic comes directly from the sugar in the juice, fermented with the addition of yeast and bacteria rather than alcohol, then aged in barrels of different types of wood,” says Tintori. “Making good balsamic is about the combination of grape, time and wood. We use oak, chestnut, cherry, juniper, mulberry and acacia. Each year you move the vinegar from one barrel to another to get the flavour from all of the different woods, which takes a minimum of twelve years.

la vecchia dispensa in the sunday timesA good balsamic has just two ingredients, cooked grape must and wine vinegar. You should avoid balsamic with caramel or concentrated cooked grape must as these are not good. Young vinegar has a higher acidity, and is best used in salads and marinades, while aged vinegar has a more intense flavour and sweetness, and is for use on hot dishes, where it emphasises flavour and you can taste balsamic vinegar more. When you taste balsamic vinegar, if the final note is acidic, the vinegar is good, but if you taste sweetness at the end it’s not so good.”