THE PRESS GANG di Sheila Keating – The Times – October 1997

The TimesThis one comes from a little producer, La Vecchia Dispensa, in Castelvetro, just south of Modena, Where Marino Tintori makes his Balsamico, and on the other side is his wife’s family restaurant, which serves his vinegar and artichokes and grilled peppers in oil. Last time I visited Marino, he stuck a spoon in barrel, pulled it out and literally not a drop felt off. It was at least 100 years old.” An age on a bottle of traditionally-made balsamic vinegar is deceptive – in Italy they are not allowed to state a specific age,” he explains, “because the vinegar is made on the solera system, in which it is moved through a range of barrels from large oak ones, through cherry, to small ones might be made out of juniper.