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Tasting Summer on your Lunch Break

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Antonietta had always had a weakness for summer, finding in the vibrant atmosphere, the clear skies and the sun dancing among the clouds an inexhaustible source of joy and vitality. But just as the May heat arrived in her beloved Modena, the city where she was born, she found herself immersed in a vortex of frenetic activity in the office, where the mountains of documents to be processed and the interminable phone calls monopolized eight infinitely long hours. Serenity for her only came at the end of those days, when returning to her domestic refuge, where silence reigned supreme and the rooms were filled with a refreshing quiet. It was there that Antonietta found her balance, sipping a glass of Lambrusco and surrounded by that magical golden light that precedes the setting of the sun, allowing herself a moment of pure relax and contemplation.

Antonietta’s love for the bright colors of summer also extended to her kitchen, transforming every meal eaten during the lunch break into an opportunity to celebrate the hottest season of the year. And so, on a clear Tuesday evening, Antonietta took the opportunity to surprise her colleagues the next day with a fresh and captivatingly colored salad, prepared with meticulous care.

While cutting the courgettes into thin slices, Antonietta’s mind flew towards the summer that was about to arrive. She imagined tomato fields stretching to the horizon and the intense scent of basil permeating the air. With a smile, she added red apple slices to the salad, thinking about the crunchiness they would bring to the dish. She then carefully crumbled feta over the vegetables, adding a touch of creaminess and a hint of saltiness. Then she spread a handful of nuts and seeds on top, giving the preparation an explosion of crunchiness and flavor and finally seasoned everything generously with the Red Label Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, letting its sweet and enveloping aroma complete the work of culinary art she had created.

The following day, during the lunch break, colleagues gathered around the table intrigued by the inviting scent wafting through the office air. If there was one thing that Antonietta liked about that job, it was the friendship she had created with each of her colleagues. Everyone tasted Antonietta’s salad with courgettes, red apple, feta, dried fruit, seeds and balsamic vinegar, letting themselves be won over by the freshness and liveliness of the flavours.

As they savored each bite, laughter and chatter filled the office, transforming it into an oasis of joy and good cheer. And while the sun shone high in the sky of Modena, Antonietta felt happy to have brought a bit of summer and joy into the daily grayness of office practices, already dreaming of the adventures that the upcoming summer would bring with it.

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