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Organic Apple Saba

100ml bottle of Saba obtained from 100% italian organic apple juice, a traditional condiment with a dense consistency and a sweet and acidic flavor.

100 ml





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Organic apple saba is made from 100% organic apple juice that has been slowly cooked down and reduced. The taste becomes sweet and tart, and it gives off an intense aroma of caramelized fruit.The preparation of Saba dates back to the Roman age with the Roman cook Apicius proof of this as he used it as a natural sweetener. Saba is not fermented or aged in wooden barrels, so can’t be considered like a Balsamic Vinegar.Organic apple saba can be drizzled on fresh cheeses like ricotta or paired with grilled corn polenta. When Saba is mixed with crushed ice becomes an excellent sorbet.Note: saba can be mixed with warm milk, and it’s an excellent home remedy for sore throats. 

succo di mela biologica.

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The old pantry was the large wooden cabinet where we kept our Balsamic Vinegar in heavy terracotta jars.

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