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La Vecchia Dispensa

 “La Vecchia Dispensa” is an ancient vinegar factory located in the picturesque medieval village of Castelvetro di Modena, where the authentic Balsamic Vinegar is produced.

“Our products are handmade and cured in every single detail. It may seem superfluous or sometimes even maniacal, but every piece is unique to us and deserves all our attention. We have always done it in this way. After all, every creation of ours speaks of us, of our history and represents us in all its nuances.”

Simone Tintori

Among The Oldest Balsamic Vinegar Factories of Modena

The History
Generation after Generation

Ours is a long story that began in the early twentieth century, when the Pelloni and Tintori families began to age Balsamic Vinegar in wooden barrels as an inheritance to be handed down as a dowry to their daughters.

We can proudly boast one of the oldest production and trade licenses for Balsamic Vinegar: number 13. Since 1905, generation after generation, our family has taken care of the vinegar factory with constant dedication in the pursuit of the highest quality.

Tradition and Nature

The oldest barrels of the family are stored in the suggestive tower dating back to the 16th century. In the panorama of balsamic vinegar factories in the province of Modena, we are one of the few producers that still offer you the opportunity to taste a completely artisanal product made by hand in a place rich in history and tradition.

In 2002 we took the path of organic production, to offer you an even more natural and sustainable product with respect for tradition.

A Rich Pantry of Traditional Flavors

The Shop

In 1975 we opened a small shop called “Dispensa” inside the family palace. The name derives from the large wooden cabinet where many years ago we used to keep the heavy terracotta jars containing our precious Balsamic Vinegar. Since then, “La Vecchia Dispensa” is still there, full of delights inspired by one of the most distinctive gastronomic traditions of our territory.

Today you can also purchase our products online and bring the traditional flavors of Modena to your table with our collections of balsamic vinegars and innovative condiments.

The evolution of taste, on the path of tradition

Balsamic Vinegar
The authentic flavour

At “La Vecchia Dispensa” we always look towards the future. That’s why every year we create new products that respect the tradition but marry with contemporary cuisine and find a harmonious agreement with other culinary traditions. 

This is the only compromise we make, because the authentic flavor of our Balsamic Vinegar is already so rich in nuances that it can easily become the star of a vast variety of dishes.

Cooked grape must only

That’s all we need: 100% Italian Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes of the late harvest. The first ingredient is the cooked grape must, slowly aged in the wood of the ancient barrels. 

Only in this way can we obtain intense and structured products. Our barrels have been handed down for generations and are the real secret of our quality: aromatic woods, balanced by the long use.

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