Tuna Tataki with the “Black Pearl” Balsamic Vinegar

by | Jun 16, 2021

Tuna tataki with chia seeds, carrot cream, friggitello and ricotta with balsamic vinegar.

Cooking time: 2h 30 min

Ingredients for 2 portions:



Ask your fishmonger to give you a good tuna fillet of a regular form in order to ensure even cooking.

Brush the tuna fillet with some oil and cover it with chia seeds. Wrap it into some cling film and leave in the fridge.

Put the ricotta into a bowl. Add a pinch of salt, a tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil, pepper and 3 tbsp. of Balsamic Vinegar.

Blend the mixture manually with a whisk until obtaining creamy consistency. If you have an electric whisk, it is going to be a perfect solution.

Cut open the friggitelli and remove the seeds delicately. Cook into abundant salted water. Once the friggitelli are ready, put them into cold water in order to stop the cooking.

For the carrot cream, peel the carrots, chop them and cook until they become soft. Place the carrots into a hand mixer cup, adding salt, pepper and a bit of seed oil. Blend the mixture with 100 g. of fresh cream in order to obtain mayonnaise consistency.

Place a non-stick pan overt the heat and cook the tuna fillet in the way I do it in the video. Pay attention not to cook it too much. It could compromise the result.

Cut the fillet and season it with Balsamic Vinegar simulating the tataki marinade. Serve the dish in your own way. Or check out the way I suggest in the video. Enjoy yourself!

The recipe created by the chef Umberto De Magistris @Mediterranean_Chef

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