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Flavors in Feast: an Easter between Friends and Nature

Blog e Ricette

Green. Green has always been her favorite color. Even as a child, Serena was enchanted by the vastness of the meadows, the depth of the woods and the sparkling reflection of the lakes. It was as if nature itself spoke to her through the various shades of green that painted the world around her. Thus every year, in the days before the Easter holidays, Serena couldn’t wait to organize an escape into nature and immerse herself once again in the beauty of the blossom of spring.

This year she decided to spend Easter together with her closest friends in her small house immersed in the middle of the green hills of Bologna. Carlotta, Giulia, Andrea, Elisa, Michele and Giovanni were the group of the most trusted confidants, who knew her perfectly well and knew of her particular love for nature. Perhaps it was for this reason that they didn’t seem the least bit surprised when Serena proposed a weekend at her house on their Whatsapp group, including walks along the woodland paths and outdoor picnics.

On Easter Sunday she got up early to prepare a savory asparagus pie, her family’s favorite dish. As she kneaded the flour and rolled out the fresh asparagus filling, an inviting scent spread throughout the house, bringing with it the warmth and anticipation of the upcoming party. When her friends finally arrived Serena was already ready with the table set. Every corner of her little shelter resounded with laughter and happy chatter as they enjoyed their meal, celebrating the arrival of spring and the friendship that bound them. The savory pie with asparagus, Camembert, dried tomatoes and Green Label Balsamic Vinegar of Modena made an impression not only for the explosion of flavors, but also for the green color which certainly did not go unnoticed by her closest friends. Once the lunch was over, they decided to take a walk in the surrounding area to enjoy the landscape and make room for the dessert that Serena had carefully prepared: a tart of freshly picked strawberries, adorned with a cloud of whipped cream.

As they walked along the paths, Serena stopped for a moment to admire the breathtaking panorama that opened up in front of them: the sun was setting on the horizon, painting the sky with pink and orange shades, and the light wind gently caressed their faces . In that moment she felt full of gratitude for everything that life offered her: the love of her friends, the beauty of nature and the warmth of the moments shared together. And so, with a smile on her face, Serena understood that there was no better place in the world to be than there, surrounded by colors, scents and the loved ones and ready to welcome every new adventure that awaited her.

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