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How to buy Balsamic Vinegar from a Modena family reserve?

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If you are passionate about culinary delicacies from all over the world and want to add a touch of excellence to your pantry you should absolutely start looking for a fine bottle of Balsamic Vinegar from a Modena family reserve.

This black syrupy treasure, enriched by the tradition and love for the art of aging in wooden barrels, can become yours in little time if you know exactly where and what to look for.

In fact, to choose and purchase the real Modenese balsamic vinegar from a family reserve, it would not be enough to take a simple walk in the town of the famous Ghirlandina, because often it is such an exclusive product that it gets jealously guarded directly by those who produce it for generations.

Choose the Riserve Balsamic Vinegar of “La Vecchia Dispensa” family.

If you are curious to taste the black gold of Modena of a local family and if your desire is to bring at least a small ampoule of it back home, then “La Vecchia Dispensa” is ready to satisfy this expectation of yours.

In fact, the Riserva Scrigno Magnifico, the flagship of our production, is an exclusive product available in the online shop that can be conveniently delivered all over the world, right to your home.

The alternative is to go in person to our ancient shop in Castelvetro di Modena, an equally exciting emotion, where you can breathe the air of past traditions and the aromas of typical local specialties that are completely current.

The magic of our Riserva Scrigno Magnifico.

Bringing home the Riserva Scrigno Magnifico means embracing a piece of history, passion and dedication to Modena’s traditions. Every drop of this Modenese vinegar poured onto your dishes represents a unique and unrepeatable essence, the result of generations of work and a jealously guarded tradition. It is not just an original condiment, but a journey through the centuries of culinary mastery of our territory and our ancestors.

Inside the Scrigno Magnifico you will find a selection of 5 different agings, each coming from a different battery of the Historic Acetaia of “La Vecchia Dispensa” belonging to the Pelloni – Tintori families, in which the passion for the production of Balsamic Vinegar has been handed down from generation to generation since 1905.

The ampoules that compose it bear names as fascinating as their contents. Lucrezia, Zoraide, Imelde, Guendalina, Isabella: each one contains a taste that tells of dedication and mastery handed down over time, giving our precious family Balsamic a unique character.

A piece of history in a limited edition.

Every year Acetaia “La Vecchia Dispensa” creates this magnificent Riserva in a limited and numbered series of only 50 pieces. This means that owning a Scrigno Magnifico is not just a banal purchase to add to your pantry already full of gastronomic treasures from all over the world, but something truly precious, a piece of history rare to find. If you are a true connoisseur and want to immerse yourself in the deep roots of our family, this limited edition offers you the opportunity to do it.

Ask us for more information on the availability of this product or seize the moment and purchase it directly from our online shop. Here you can find many other proposals to add to your shipment, all faithfully handcrafted in our family vinegar factory and connected to the unmistakable taste of the original black gold.

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