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A Special Recipe Directly from the Heart of the Port

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On that weekend in early June Guendalina took a break from work to dedicate herself to one of her greatest passions: exploring the markets and fishmongers of the Adriatic coast. Attracted by the promise of delicious culinary adventures, she decided to visit the port of Cesenatico and like every year she booked a train ticket to leave early the next morning. The journey was pleasant, with the Emilia-Romagna landscape flowing green and lush outside the window. Upon arrival, the sea breeze and the sound of waves welcomed her with a familiar embrace.

The fish market was already in full swing. Fishermen unloaded crates full of fresh fish while vendors proudly displayed their night’s catch. So Guendalina let herself be carried away by the crowd, attracted by the bright colors and intense scents. Among the crowded stalls, a small stand of a newly opened restaurant caught her attention. An elderly man, with a face marked by the sun and the heat, expertly prepared a dish that seemed extraordinary: salmon glazed with honey and balsamic vinegar in a pistachio crust.

Fascinated Guendalina approached, observing the cook’s every gesture. The man’s name was Pietro: he smiled at her and offered her a taste of his masterpiece. The sweetly glazed salmon wrapped in a crunchy pistachio crust melted in mouth, releasing an explosion of balanced and delicious flavors. Guendalina was enchanted and asked Pietro to tell her the story behind that dish. The man explained to her that the recipe had been passed down in his family for generations. His grandmother, originally from a small town near Modena, had created the unique combination of honey and balsamic vinegar. Pistachios, however, were a more recent addition, introduced by Pietro’s father who loved experimenting with flavours. Every time he prepared that dish Pietro felt he was honoring his family’s traditions and bringing a bit of their history into every bite. And with his new restaurant he would finally give a name to that dish worthy of being remembered.

Guendalina listened fascinated, feeling a special connection with that story. She decided to spend the rest of the day exploring the port, inspired by the fishermen’s stories and the beauty of the sea. Before leaving, she bought a generous portion of glazed salmon to take home, determined to share the delight with her family. Back in Modena, Guendalina organized a dinner in her garden, under the mulberry tree that shaded her favorite corner. She invited her parents and sister, telling them about her adventure at the port of Cesenatico and the story behind the dish they were about to taste. As the sun set and the golden light enveloped the garden, the flavors of the salmon glazed with honey and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena brought with them a bit of the magic of the sea and Pietro’s stories. The evening ended with laughter, stories and a deep sense of connection to one’s roots and traditions. Guendalina understood that, just like Pietro, she too could bring everyone a piece of that unique magic that is passed down from generation to generation in every family.

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